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Monday, July 02, 2007

Eye Candy Analysis

Okay, so we're at the beach yesterday for Canada Day, and I came to a disappointing realization.

It's much easier for a man to enjoy eye candy at the beach than a woman.

Here's my logic:

It takes absolutely no work for a seventeen-year-old girl to look good in a bikini. Heck - I looked fantastic in a bikini from the age of sixteen to the age of twenty-five or so. And that was through absolutely no effort on my part - no dieting, no organised exercise. The hardest part was buying the bikini.

Young men, however, must put some effort into looking good in a bathing suit. Skinny doesn't cut it. They have to work out in order to have biceps and abs that I'm interested in looking at. Sorry, guys, that's just the way it is.

And I really am sorry. Believe me! Because yesterday, Main Man's eyes just about fell out of their sockets several time as he ogled the bikinis, while I was doomed to view skinny eighteen-year-olds and paunchy forty-year-olds.

This could be a painful summer.


Bathroom Hippo said...

Daaang. She is hot.

You were saying?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Yeah I was about to go to the beach once but I got distracted by looking in the mirror.

I am kidding, of course.

Library Mama said...

Hippo - I rest my case.

Jon - Hi there. My question to you is this: Would I be distracted by your reflection? If so, send pics - quickly! ;-)

Dino aka Katy said...

I am totally with you. I almost never get eye candy when I go to the beach. I have a bit of an advantage over you since we have a ton of military here so every so often i get lucky. I used to lifeguard on the baltic sea and our territory had 2 nude beaches. Of course there were never ever any cute naked guys just old fat ones

suzanabrams said...

Hey LM,
Don't forget I've seen pictures of you. You've still got it! Your figure is svelte. :-)

Library Mama said...

Katy - Ewww! Old fat naked guys! You've just helped my diet; I've lost my appetite!

Susan - You are sweet, but svelte is not a word I would use for myself. :-)